FOX4: Michigan man now able to spend more time with family after heart transplant at Saint Luke's

Sometimes the best holiday gifts aren't found under the tree. One man from Michigan is grateful to be alive, thanks to the gift of a life-saving heart transplant at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute.

FOX4 spoke to Gary Pitsch, who was the 850th heart transplant at Saint Luke's, about why he chose to travel all the way to Kansas City for a new heart after dealing with worsening heart disease for 13 years.

Saint Luke's is ranked as one of the top programs in the nation by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients for the number of heart transplants per year, wait times, and survival.

Watch the full story below.

Dr. Andrew Kao, Medical Director of Heart Transplantation at Saint Luke's, talks to FOX4 about how knowing your family history can help get the best results.

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