Intermittent fasting has become very popular. Dr. James O'Keefe, preventive cardiologist with Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute, joins FOX4 to talk about what it is, the pros and cons of intermittent fasting, and who would benefit from it most. 


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Sep. 15, 2020

KCTV: New study finds Pesco-Mediterranean Diet with intermittent fasting may be ideal for your health

A new study found the Pesco-Mediterranean Diet with Intermittent Fasting is the ideal diet to help prevent heart disease, dementia, diabetes, and to maintain a healthy weight. Lead author Dr. James O'Keefe explains.
Sep. 15, 2020

MSN: Study: Pesco-Mediterranean Diet may be ideal for heart health

For decades, researchers have studied which diet works best for good health. Dr. James O'Keefe explains the positive effects this diet has on a person's body and what foods are best to eat.
Sep. 16, 2020

TCTMD: Pesco-Mediterranean Diet should be the gold standard, says JACC review

A Pesco-Mediterranean Diet with fish and intermittent fasting is optimal for heart health, according to a new review by Dr. James O'Keefe.