With Saint Luke's Cancer Specialists in Chillicothe, Missouri, nearby residents can access high-quality cancer care—all close to home. Our Hedrick Medical Center clinic offers early detection, expert advice from our fellowship-trained oncologists, and personalized treatment options.

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Services offered at our Chillicothe location include:

  • Cancer screenings, including 3D mammography, colonoscopy, and lung CT
  • Biotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Genetic testing and counseling
  • Lab draws, infusions, and injections
  • Lymphedema and physical therapy 
  • Nutrition counseling 
  • Financial, social, and spiritual support

Second opinions

When it comes to potentially life-changing or life-saving treatments, patients and their families often seek a second opinion. Second opinions can provide:

  • Confirmation of a diagnosis
  • More details about type of cancer and stage, which affect treatment options
  • Perspective from subspecialized oncologists

If you have started your cancer journey at another facility, the experts at Saint Luke's Cancer Institute are available to review your records and provide a thoughtful second opinion, including personalized treatment options available at Saint Luke's.


Medical oncology offers treatments for major cancers including:


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Sashidhar Manthravadi, MD

Oncology / Hematology