Saint Luke's Stories

Woman with Type 2 Diabetes in Heart Failure Regains Health at Saint Luke’s Cardiometabolic Center of Excellence
Carmon is living with type 2 diabetes, but her life is much fuller now because of the care she received at Saint Luke’s Cardiometabolic Center of Excellence.
An Invitation to Live: Kansas City Woman Shares Journey with Metastatic Breast Cancer
After processing the shock of learning she had metastatic breast cancer, Carrie Habib took her diagnosis as an invitation to live life to its fullest.
Help for HELLP
When a life-threatening complication threatened to separate mother and baby, the skilled maternity team at Hedrick Medical Center jumped into action.
Lucky Breaks
Caring for the patient at Saint Luke’s Hospital extended to saving the life of a spouse during a Louisiana couple’s fateful trip to Kansas City
From the ICU to 10,000 Steps a Day
Saint Luke’s helped Luis Cordoba reclaim his life after diabetes diagnosis
Not Even a Pandemic Could Stop God’s Calling for Brad and Shawn’s Forever Family
After multiple homes, being separated for close to two years, and brought back together, little did they know what was in store.
Mother Diagnosed with Pregnancy Disorder with Life-Long Risks
Laura Misner had no previous history of high blood pressure and was surprised when it started to elevate towards the end of her first pregnancy.
Donor of Saint Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute Becomes Patient Himself
Tony Torchia, an 84-year-old grandfather in Overland Park, has been a loyal Saint Luke’s patient for many years. He never expected to be a patient at the Institute he donated to years prior.
After Told He May Not Survive, Rehabilitation Helps COVID-19 Long-Hauler Walk and Talk Again
After suffering a severe case of COVID-19, Marty Beasley had to relearn how to do everything. He trusted the team at Saint Luke's Rehabilitation Institute to get him back on his feet.