Saint Luke's Stories

Kidney Transplant Gives Jamont Newfound Freedom
Three days a week, three hours a day, for 12 years—Jamont Clayton spent roughly 5,616 hours of his life attached to a kidney dialysis machine.
Parkinson's Couldn't Stop Barry
"It was frustrating, and I thought that was just the way life was going to be," Barry Blank said. Read his about journey with Parkinson's and about the procedure that changed his life.
New Device Helps Musician’s Congestive Heart Failure
Trial device helps Seabrun “Candy” Hunter’s worn heart valve pump at a steady beat.
Two-Time Heart Transplant Recipient Becomes a Mother of Two
Mindy Corbin had the same hopes for her future that many women have. Hear how she didn't let two heart transplants stand in the way of creating the future she envisioned.
Life, Supported
A machine gives the future back to Mark Shuster.
Tim's new “Super Power” put an end to his Essential Tremors
Tim's life was taken over when his essential tremors became severe. An appointment with a Saint Luke's Specialist changed how he now lives life.
The Perfect Kidney Transplant Match
Emery Stone was in total kidney failure. And that’s when everything changed. Not only for Emery, but for the entire Stone family.