Saint Luke's Stories

Honeymoon on Hold
A new bride wound up lying on an operating table instead of a beach when a pituitary tumor altered her plans.
Emergency Room Nurse Suffers Stroke While on Duty, Saved by Fast-Acting Coworkers
Emergency Department nurse Kathi Tolly was working the night shift at Wright Memorial Hospital completing a virtual training on tPA, the clot-busting drug that stops brain damage during strokes. Minutes later, she herself had a stroke and needed tPA.
Break a Leg - Not a Heart: Local Stage Manager Shares His Gratitude for Saint Luke's Heart Program
Jim Mitchell faced a dilemma — miss rehearsal for a play he was producing during crunch time, or risk having a heart attack. Read his story.
Kansas City Man Gets Life-Saving Heart Transplant After Recovering from Paraplegia with Years of Rehabilitation
After a devastating heart attack and spinal cord stroke left him unable to move his legs, Adrian Weiner's determination and persistence with rehabilitation made it possible for the local husband and father to get a life-saving heart transplant.
Heart Failure Patient Gets Lifesaving Second Opinion from Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute
Gary Petrozz was already taking medications for heart failure, yet he could still feel that something wasn’t right in his body. A friend recommended he go to Saint Luke’s, a suggestion that would end up paying off.
Why I Give: The McGee Family
The McGee family is passionate about The Children's SPOT after their triplets needed the team's services. The triplets are now thriving 5th graders.
Why I Give: Marie Tompkins
For nearly 50 years, Marie Tompkins has volunteered at Saint Luke's.
Why I Give: Tony Esparrago
After being treated for vision loss because of a tumor, Tony Esparrago and his wife, Melinda, paid it forward by donating stock to Saint Luke's.
Why I Give: Casey Halsey and Tom Kokjer
Casey Halsey and Tom Kokjer have served as board presidents of Saint Luke's Bishop Spencer Place. Both have given graciously to carry out the mission of caring for our Bishop Spencer Place residents.