Saint Luke's Stories

Not a Simple Fix: A Worthwhile Weight-Loss Journey
After three years, 142 pounds, nine dress sizes, 15,000 minutes of meditation, dozens of behavioral therapy sessions, two finished 5Ks, and one pandemic, Esther Grenz tells her Saint Luke's Center for Surgical Weight Loss story.
Saint Luke’s Profile: Marcia McCoy, RN, MSN
A local pioneer in women's heart health achieves a career milestone at Saint Luke’s.
LSVT LOUD Therapy Restores Patient’s Speech
Diane Pence regularly spoke with colleagues at hospice and assisted living organizations that took care of people with end-stage diseases—that is, until she could barely speak at all.
Breast Cancer Survivor Survives SCAD Heart Attack
Sally was working when she felt a pain in her chest so bad it felt like someone punched her.
Why I Give: The Julia Bargman Hope Foundation
Julia Bargman's family created the Julia Bargman Hope Foundation, providing nearly 1,000 women with free mammograms and services.
Why I Give: The Blazar Family
The Blazar family supports Saint Luke's Hospital The Children's SPOT so other children can enjoy the benefits of the extraordinary therapies their children received.
Snowstorm Saves Man from Stroke
Marlin and Trudy Kinman planned to head home after Marlin’s successful heart surgery—but a snowstorm had other plans.
Young Woman Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis as a Teenager Finds a Way to be Symptom-Free
Sicily Mathenia loves to act, sing, and dance. When she was 15 her life took a turn that ultimately lead her to Saint Luke’s Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center.
Bariatric Surgery Opens the Door to a More Active, Pain-Free Life for Sara
After struggling with weight most of her life, Sara decided to try bariatric surgery. Now, the mother and soon-to-be wife is doing things she hasn't been able to do in years.