Saint Luke's Stories

Caring for Our Neighbors... Literally
Growing up next to Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City, Leah Suttington knew she wanted to be taken to Saint Luke's when she needed emergency heart care.
Putting the Heart in Cancer Treatment
After being diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Jesse found her heart was failing from side effects of chemotherapy.
Mindy’s Big Lesson: A Teacher’s Story about Breast Cancer
Mindy, a teacher in Blue Springs, has a family history of breast cancer, so it wasn’t a surprise when her doctor recommended she start annual mammograms at the age of 35.
Former Saint Luke’s Patient Returns as Chaplain Resident
Anne Raudsepp Hardy’s mission is to give hope and encouragement to patients — the same hope God gave her after a traumatic brain injury.
Aneurysm Survivor Raises Awareness About High Blood Pressure in Women
Lisa Henry is raising awareness about the risks of untreated high blood pressure after experiencing an aneurysm last year.
Why I Give: Mitch Rodeberg
Volunteer and donor, Mitch Rodeberg, is proud to be a part of the Saint Luke’s team.
Why I Give: Sean Khurana
The Khurana Family have become steadfast advocates and philanthropic supporters of Saint Luke’s.
Michael & Marlys Haverty Cardiometabolic Center of Excellence Story
Through the Havertys' generosity, the Center has been able to create a national model of care called the Cardiometabolic Center Alliance.
American Grit
A woman credits farm life, military histories, and a stellar care team at Saint Luke’s with her survival of colon cancer.