Media Headlines

FOX4: Already hit hard with COVID-19 cases, KC hospitals brace for another hike after Halloween
Local health professionals are bracing for a potential uptick in COVID-19 patients following Halloween weekend. FOX4 talked to Ginny Boos about what to consider heading into the weekend.
KCUR: Rural coronavirus patients are straining Kansas City hospitals beyond what state data suggests
KCUR talked to Dr. Marc Larsen about the uptick in patients from rural areas being treated for COVID-19.
American Heart Association News: The Mummies' Message: Take Steps Against Heart Disease
The American Heart Association talked to Dr. Randall Thompson about the surprising findings from studying the scans of ancient mummies.
The Peter Attia Drive: James O’Keefe, MD: Preventing cardiovascular disease and the risk of too much exercise
Dr. James O'Keefe explains how much exercise is too much and what impact it can have on the body, plus much more on preventing heart disease in this episode of The Peter Attia Drive Podcast.
KMBC: Patients with Parkinson's turn to art to help with rehabilitation
Patients with Parkinson's disease are participating in a unique art therapy class at Saint Luke's. KMBC talked to Dr. Susan Sifers and Alison Bailey about how art therapy has been shown to help patients.
U.S. News & World Report: MRIs might be safe for patients with implanted heart devices
Dr. Sanjaya Gupta explains the findings of the recent study and what this means for patients moving forward.
KMBC: Doctors hope people take CDC's new COVID-19 exposure guidance seriously
KMBC talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd about why some may need to reevaluate how they interact with people throughout the day as the CDC expands its definition on close contact regarding COVID-19.
KSHB: Saint Luke's Health System doctor weighs in on remdesivir following FDA-approval
Remdesivir recently became the first FDA-approved treatment of COVID-19. KSHB talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd about when it's used in hospitals and what remains to be seen.
FOX4: Local Sheriff: Chiefs saved my life
Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin said the Chiefs may have helped save his life.