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Media Coverage: Kansas City area Chief Medical Officers give urgent community update as COVID cases climb
Chief medical officers from hospitals across the metro came together for an urgent community update on the surge of COVID cases in the community.
KMBC: Doctors urge pregnant women to get vaccinated as cases rise in KC metro
KMBC spoke with Dr. Kristen Wootton to clear up misinformation doctors are hearing from expectant mothers and found out what prompted one pregnant mom, Angela Pepper, to get her shot.
Fox News: Single mom finds life-saving kidney donor from stranger on social media
Fox News talked to Kim Shufelberger about how a post on Facebook changed her life.
KMBC: Kansas City front-line workers say they're feeling strain of COVID-19 surge
KMBC talked to Dr. Carole Freiberger about what front-line workers are seeing and why a significant spike in COVID cases could have been prevented.
STAT: With Apple's backing, can an app help heart attack patients navigate recovery?
STAT talked to Dr. John Spertus about what research is needed to help move the app forward.
KMBC: KC cardiologists answer questions about COVID-19 vaccines, heart concerns
KMBC talked to Dr. Michael Nassif about how heart issues from the COVID vaccine are extremely rare and why you're more likely to have heart problems with a COVID infection.
Fox News: Church member receives kidney from his pastor: A ‘blessing from God’
Fox News talked to Jeremy and Jack about their story of friendship and faith.
Kansas City Business Journal: 2021 CFO of the Year honoree: Chuck Robb
Chuck Robb was named as a 2021 CFO of the Year honoree. Read his Q&A with the Kansas City Business Journal.
Kansas City Beacon: KC health officials work to increase COVID vaccination rates as delta variant spreads
The Kansas City Beacon talked to Dr. Andrew Schlachter about the vaccine and what he's seeing in the Intensive Care Unit.