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TCTMD: Bystander CPR for Cardiac Arrest Woefully Rare in Black and Hispanic Individuals
Deconstructing and diversifying how CPR is taught may be key to improving the odds, Dr. Paul Chan says.
Fox News: Identical Twin Brothers Each Receive Heart Transplants: 'Quite Unique'
Fox News talked to Dr. Andrew Kao and the Crigler twins about their unique story.
KMBC: Federal Government No Longer Funding COVID Tests and Treatments
KMBC talked to an expert from Saint Luke's about what impact the change could have moving forward amid the pandemic. 
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Medscape: A Brave New World in Type 2 Diabetes Treatment and Beyond
Dr. Mikhail Kosiborod joined Medscape InDiscussion to talk about the cardiovascular effects of type 2 diabetes medications.
KSHB: Kansas City-Area Health Leaders Weigh in on Possible Ripple Effect of Permanent Daylight Saving Time
KSHB talked to Dr. James O'Keefe about the health impact of changing the clocks twice per year.
Consumer Reports: The Benefits of Magnesium
Consumer Reports talked to Dr. James O'Keefe about the many health benefits of magnesium.
Ingram's: 2022 Heroes in Healthcare
Out of this year's 21 honorees, Saint Luke's Health System is proud to have two leaders named to Ingram's 2022 2022 Heroes in Healthcare.
KMBC: Couple Gets Married at Saint Luke's Hospital After Two Decades in the Making
After more than two decades in the making, a Kansas City couple got married at Saint Luke's Hospital after an unexpected diagnosis.
FOX4: March Brings Perfect Lineup for ‘Holiday Heart’ Concern
FOX4 talked to Dr. James O'Keefe about how overindulging in alcohol and salty foods can lead to 'holiday heart.'