Media Headlines

FOX4: Life-saving heart transplant brings two families together
After receiving a heart transplant at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute, John Shultz learned of his 24-year-old donor. FOX4 tells the story of how the generous donation brought two families together.
MD Magazine: Comorbidity Care with SGLT-2 Inhibition
Mikhail Kosiborod, MD, director of Cardiometabolic Research at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, discussed where the clinical understanding of sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors—as well as GLP-1 agonists—are stationed headed into the new dapagliflozin data.
ASNC/IANC Research Fellow Reveals the Future of Patient-centered Reporting in MPI
Cardiology fellow Krishna Patel, MD, presented an update on her research into patient-friendly reporting of cardiac imaging results at the ASNC's 24th Annual Scientific Session 2019 session, “Machine Learning in SPECT MPI Applications."
Better Kansas City: Open the conversation surrounding suicide
September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Amanda Davis shares how to open the conversation with teens and children, as well as what stressors can trigger harmful thoughts with Better Kansas City.  
KCTV: Study says some vaccinated for mumps are not protected
Mumps cases are on the rise, and a new study says even people who are vaccinated may still get the virus. KCTV talked to Dr. Todd Fristo to find out if parents should be concerned.
Better Kansas City - Saint Luke's Women's Heart Center celebrates 25 years with the Temptations
Saint Luke's Muriel I. Kauffman Women's Heart Center is celebrating its 25th year serving the Kansas City community and taking a proactive role in addressing women's heart health.
FOX4: FAME: Turkey Avocado Roll-ups and other healthy school lunches
Lucas Schubert, Nutritional Coordinator with Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute and the Food As Medicine Everyday (FAME) program, shares how to make easy Turkey Avocado Roll-ups and other healthy lunch options as kids go back to school with the FOX4 morning show. 
FOX4: Rising pediatric trend of video game injuries has gamers, physicians weighing in
A new pediatric trend shows injuries while playing video games are becoming more common. FOX4 talked to Dr. Goldstein and gamers around the area about Esports injuries.
FOX4: Saint Luke's Rehabilitation Institute opening in September
There is now new hope for people who have suffered life-altering injuries in the region. FOX4 talked to one patient who came to Saint Luke's for her rehabilitation care after suffering multiple aneurysms and a stroke.