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Media Coverage: National Wear Red Day raises awareness for the number one killer of women - heart disease
The first Friday of February is National Wear Red for Women Day. It's a day aimed to raise awareness for heart disease, which is the leading cause of death for women.
KMBZ: President's speech shines light on Saint Luke's Hospital NICU staff
Saint Luke's received a glowing endorsement during President Trump's State of the Union Adress when he was telling the story of the survival of a very premature baby born at the hospital.
Missourinet: President Trump recognizes Missouri child and mother during State of the Union Address
Ellie Schneider, a now healthy 2-year-old, is one of the youngest babies to survive in the U.S. after her neonatal care at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City.
FOX4: With 3% chance to live, KC man gives 'once in a lifetime' Super Bowl game a whole new meaning
Less than a year-and-a-half after suffering a life-threatening heart attack before a Chiefs game, superfan Dan Boos got to see his team win the Super Bowl. 
Kansas City Star: Doctors warn: With Chiefs in Super Bowl, KC fans are at greater risk of heart attack
Super Bowl LIV is the most important game to Chiefs fans in 50 years. The Kansas City Star talked to Dr. James O'Keefe to see what fans can do to prepare for the big game and take care of their hearts.
Kansas City Star: Kansas officials still waiting for results of possible coronavirus case in Lawrence
The Kansas City Star talked to Saint Luke's and other area hospitals to see what each is doing to prepare for the coronavirus after a potential case in Lawrence.
Physicians Practice: Retail clinics are changing the role of the primary care physician
Physicians Practice talked to Dr. Michael Munger, a Saint Luke's primary care physician, about what doctors can do to meet consumers' needs within traditional practices and how they can close the communication gap with outside retail clinics.
FOX4: Oldest living Kansas City mayor recalls last time Chiefs went to Super Bowl
Kansas City's oldest living mayor has been waiting 50 years for another Chiefs Super Bowl win. FOX4 talked to Charles Wheeler at Bishop Spencer Place about the last big game and his thoughts on Super Bowl LIV.
Openfit: How do you know if you're "addicted" to sugar?
The average American consumes more sugar each day than guidelines recommend. Dr. James O'Keefe talked to Openfit about what happens to your body when you consume sugar and how to break the habit.