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Kansas City Star: Rare, mysterious illness linked to COVID-19 hits children in Kansas City, St. Louis
Children's hospitals in Kansas City and St. Louis are investigating some cases of a mysterious inflammatory syndrome in children that might be connected to COVID-19. The Kansas City Star talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd and other health experts about the illness.
FOX4 News: Tracking coronavirus, Dr. Chris Perryman, Chief Medical Officer - Saint Luke's Health System
FOX4: Doctor shares concerns of public feeling invincible as communities open back up amid COVID-19
Kansas City has done a great job helping flatten the curve when it comes to the novel coronavirus. However, since the pandemic is not over and the virus is still spreading we shouldn't let our guard down just yet.
Dr. Chris Perryman, Saint Luke's Health System Chief Medical Officer, KMBC - Tracking Coronavius
KMBC: Top doctor at Saint Luke's raises some concerns as stay-at-home orders ease
Dr. Chris Perryman, Chief Medical Officer at Saint Luke's Health System, talks to KMBC about concerns as we enter this new phase of reopening.
Saint Luke's Health System Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Chris Perryman, talks to 41 Action News
KSHB: Doctor shares tips for going out now that restaurants are reopening
Saint Luke's Health System Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Chris Perryman, told 41 Action News that customers should take precautions if they plan to go to a restaurant.
Better Kansas City. Bill Hurrelbrink and Dr. Anthony Hart
Better Kansas City: Doctors urge people not to ignore serious health issues in a pandemic
Heart attacks, strokes, and other life-threatening illnesses don't stop in a pandemic. Better Kansas City talked to Dr. Anthony Hart about why people shouldn't delay seeking emergency care.
FOX 4 News. Bobby Green stepping out of his car to a welcome home surprise from family and friends.
FOX4: Metro COVID-19 patient who spent 22 days on ventilator gets homecoming surprise
Bobby Green got a homecoming surprise after making an amazing recovery from COVID-19. FOX4 talked to Bobby and Dr. Jessica Lee about his fight to live.
ABC News: FDA approves drug for heart failure that may keep patients out of the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic
Farxiga has become the first in its class to receive FDA approval as a treatment for heart failure. ABC News talked to Dr. Mikhail Kosiborod about what this means for patients.
KMBC 9 abc. Coronavirus Impact-latest information. Dr. Sarah Boyd
KMBC: Saint Luke's starts testing all patients admitted to hospitals for COVID-19
Starting Thursday, anyone being admitted to a Saint Luke's Health System hospital will be tested for the novel coronavirus. KMBC talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd about the move.
FOX4 News. Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City.
FOX4: Saint Luke's begins testing all admitted patients for COVID-19
Beginning Thursday, all patients being admitted to Saint Luke's Health System are being tested for COVID-19. FOX4 talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd about the move.