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KCTV: Health experts comment on COVID-19 vaccine developments
KCTV spoke to Dr. Ginny Boos about why multiple pharmaceutical companies showing promising vaccine results is key to getting ahead of the pandemic.
KMBC: Expert offers tips to help limit spread of COVID-19 at Thanksgiving gatherings
With COVID-19 cases surging, doctors are urging people to limit Thanksgiving to members of the immediate household. KMBC talked to Dr. Ginny Boos about ways to limit the spread of COVID at gatherings.
FOX4: If you insist on gathering for Thanksgiving, experts have tips for how to make it safer
FOX4 talked to Dr. Ginny Boos about the risk of holding Thanksgiving gatherings this year and strategies to help keep your family healthy.
KSHB: Health experts encourage families to take close look at Thanksgiving plans
This Thanksgiving, the CDC is strongly discouraging travel and large gatherings as COVID cases continue to surge. KSHB talked to Dr. Ginny Boos about strategies to keep the holiday as safe as possible.
KMBC: Local hospitals see record number of COVID-19 patients
Across the Kansas City area, hospitals are seeing record numbers of patients with COVID-19, and numbers continue to rise. KMBC talked to Dr. Andrew Schlachter about the surging cases.
KSHB: Report finds pregnant women at increased risk for illness from COVID-19
The CDC added pregnant women to the list of people most vulnerable to the virus. KSHB talked to Dr. Devon Ramaeker about what expectant mothers can do to protect themselves.
KCTV: Saint Luke's launches Cancer Diagnostic Center to get patients to treatment quicker
Dr. Timothy Pluard explains how Saint Luke’s has redesigned the cancer diagnostic process to better meet the needs of patients. 
KSHB: Fighting the pandemic and promising COVID-19 vaccines

The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is intensifying as health officials beg the community to follow public health measures.

KSHB: Doctors worried by sharp rise in COVID-19 cases
Doctors and public health officials are alarmed at the surge of positive cases of COVID-19 in the Kansas City metro area.