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Congress Report: Results from the EMPULSE Trial
Dr. Mikhail Kosiborod talks about the additional analysis from the EMPULSE trial presented at the American College of Cardiology congress.
KSHB: Local Health Experts, Travelers React to Federal Judge's Ruling on Mask Mandate on Public Transportation
KSHB talked to Dr. Ginny Boos about the risk of traveling without a mask and why wearing a face covering may still be a good idea. 
FOX4: Saint Luke's Patient Pays It Forward to His Care Team
After David's recent stay at the hospital, he reached out to the FOX4 Pay It Forward team to nominate his team of doctors and nurses for taking good care of him.
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Medscape: Empagliflozin Rapidly Improves Acute Heart Failure Symptoms in Hospitalized Patients
EMPULSE trial shows treatment of patients acutely hospitalized for heart failure with empagliflozin led to a rapid incremental increase in patient well-being, compared with control patients who received placebo.
KCTV: Saint Luke's Health System Participates in SevenDays of Kindness Movement
KCTV talked to Nikki Beard about what Saint Luke's is doing to encourage cultural humility and kindness.
Blue Valley Post: With COVID Cases Down, JoCo ERs Prep for More Typical Summer Issue: Outdoor Injuries
The Blue Valley Post talked to Dr. Chris Bowser about trends local emergency departments see over the warmer months and how to avoid becoming part of the trend.
HealthDay: Empagliflozin Offers Clinical Benefit in Heart Failure
A new study by Dr. Kosiborod and colleagues found clinical benefits in treatment with empagliflozin for patients hospitalized with acute heart failure.
KCTV: Donate Life Month: Organ Donation Myths Busted
In honor of Donate Life Month, KCTV talked to Dr. Lee Cummings to bust some common misconceptions about organ donation.