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Media Coverage: Doctors seeing more heat-related illnesses
With the extreme heat and humidity across the Kansas City area, doctors are seeing more heat-related illnesses. 
KCUR: Postpartum Depression Resources
Postpartum depression affects women of all demographics. Saint Luke's experts talk on KCUR's Up To Date about postpartum disorders and resources for new mothers.
KSHB: Plastic surgeon warns of firework hand injuries
Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate the Fourth of July, but there are dangers as well that can lead to a patient seeing a plastic surgeon.  
Media Coverage: Doctors warn of injuries caused by fireworks over Fourth of July holiday
Many people celebrate the Fourth of July by setting off fireworks. But doctors warn people to be cautious when doing so, as many people end up in the emergency department over the holiday every year.
diaTribe: Preventative Cardiology: Rethinking Diabetes Care to Improve Heart Health
The Saint Luke’s Michael and Marlys Haverty Cardio Metabolic Center of Excellence is a new clinic designed to provide comprehensive risk reduction, by focusing on the prevention and treatment of heart complications in people with type 2 diabetes.
KSHB: Troubling Statistics: Kids left in hot cars
A child's core body temperature rises three to five times faster than adults, any amount of time unattended in a car can be dangerous. Hot car deaths are on the rise with 14 children passing from this already this year.
BioNexus: Saint Luke's Cardiologist Battles Leading Killer of Women
Heart disease and stroke kill more women than all forms of cancer combined, yet most modern coronary treatment is based on research studies where women were underrepresented or absent. BioNexus talked to Dr. Tracy Stevens about her focus on women's heart health.