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KSHB: Research shows COVID-19 survivors should get virus vaccine
Once a vaccine becomes available, many are asking if those who have had the virus should get the vaccine. KSHB talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd to learn more.
KCTV: Study finds most COVID-19 patients deal with neurological symptoms
A recent study found most people hospitalized with COVID-19 may have lasting neurological issues. KCTV talked to Dr. Karin Olds and one local woman who has been dealing with the effects of the virus for months.
KSHB: Neurologist explains impact of COVID-19 on the brain
A recent study found up to 82% of people hospitalized with COVID-19 experience neurological symptoms. KSHB Midday talked to Dr. Karin Olds about the virus' impact on the brain.
Sunday Night Football: Saint Luke's Babies dress up to celebrate the Chiefs
Saint Luke's babies appear on Sunday Night Football as the Chiefs took on the Broncos dressed up in their Chiefs gear.
KCUR: Saint Luke's raises minimum hourly wage to $15
KCUR talked to Saint Luke's Chief Human Resources Officer Doris Rogers about the health system's minimum wage increase in a move to show appreciation for employees.
FOX4: As local hospitals become overwhelmed, news of upcoming vaccine gives ICU nurses hope
The U.S. is expected to grant emergency approval of a COVID-19 vaccine soon. FOX4 talked to a Saint Luke's ICU nurse about her reaction to the news.
KMBC: Hospitals fear COVID-19 spike after Thanksgiving gatherings
Doctors are expecting a surge of new cases following Thanksgiving. KMBC spoke to Dr. Marc Larsen about what people should do if they attended or hosted gatherings over the holiday.
KSHB: Cardiologist explains impact of COVID-19 on the heart
Doctors are learning more about how COVID-19 may affect the heart. KSHB talked to Dr. James O'Keefe about the impact the virus has had on some local patients.
KSHB: Proper quarantine procedure can help limit COVID-19's spread
Despite warnings by health experts to avoid large gatherings and travel for Thanksgiving, many Americans still did so this past week. KSHB talked to Dr. Ginny Boos about the proper way to quarantine if you saw others over the holiday.