Media Headlines

KMBC: Some doctors concerned about spread of COVID-19 during spring break
KMBC talked to Dr. Ginny Boos about the importance of continued masking and social distancing as cases start to drop.
KMBC: Bishop Spencer Place Resident Shares Memories of the Beginning of the Peace Corps
A 90-year-old metro woman shares her story of being one of the first members of the Peace Corps.
KMBC: Foster families needed as 1,500 children wait to be placed
KMBC talked to Jeannette Koster about the need for foster parents and families and how the pandemic has had an an impact on the foster system.
KMBC: Spike in cases of broken heart syndrome linked to COVID-19 pandemic
KMBC talked to Dr. James O'Keefe about why the life-threatening condition has spiked over the past year and one woman who experienced it herself.
KCTV: KC psychologist says people are reporting feeling irritable, argumentative at higher rates
After a road rage incident turned deadly, KCTV talked to Dr. Savannah Geske about ways to de-escalate confrontations and manage stressful situations.
Epic: Patients with Atrial Fibrillation Return Home Nearly Two Days Sooner
Epic talked to Dr. Sanjaya Gupta about how Saint Luke's improved arrhythmic drug monitoring, shortening the length of stay by 38%.
VFW Magazine: Diabetes is Preventable
Diabetes is becoming more common, with higher rates among our nation's veterans. VFW Magazine talked to Dr. Todd Fristo about steps people can take to stay healthy.
FOX4: COVID-19 vaccine causing side effect that can be mistaken as breast cancer
FOX4 talked to Dr. Mary Mitchell and one local woman who had swollen lymph nodes after getting the vaccine.
FOX4: One year into pandemic, some local COVID-19 survivors still recovering
FOX4 talked to Dr. Casey Martinez about what the team at Saint Luke's Rehabilitation Institute is doing to help people dealing with long-term effects of COVID-19.