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Aging and loud noises are not the only causes of hearing loss.
Dr. Robert Cullen, with St. Luke's Midwest Ear Institute, spoke with KMBZ about hearing loss and Meniere's Disease after Huey Lewis and the News canceled their tour due to hearing loss. 
The measles virus is a very contagious virus. Be aware of the symptoms and if you develop these symptoms, please call first before going in to seek medical care to help prevent spreading potential illness to others.
Achieving this national certification recognizes the excellence of care across the entire Saint Luke’s cardiac program and is reflective of the Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute’s commitment to quality and our pursuit of innovation and excellence in heart care.
Saint Luke’s Hospital has been certified as a Comprehensive Cardiac Center by The Joint Commission, becoming only the third hospital in the country to do so.
Saint Luke's LSVT Big and loud therapy helps train Parkinson's Disease patients to over-exaggerate everything to make up for the difficulty to initiate movement.
A treatment at Saint Luke's is giving women with type one diabetes a better chance to become mothers.
Bed rest often comes as a surprising prescription for pregnant women. The good news is that these days, bed rest should occur very rarely.
Genetic Testing has become more and more popular - and some at home kits are great but don't paint the full picture.  See how Saint Luke's can help you dig deep into your family history. 
More than two million Americans suffer from it and most people don't even realize it. It's called atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat that causes poor blood flow.