Saint Luke's Rehabilitation Institute Virtual Tour

Our 100,000-square-foot facility places the region’s most comprehensive suite of specialized neurorobotic devices in the hands of some of the area’s most experienced, expertly trained rehabilitative specialists.

Facility highlights

  • 17 leading-edge neurorobotic pieces of equipment designed to restore movement
  • A main-floor gym that houses a full range of exercise and rehabilitative equipment
  • A 100-foot-long supportive ceiling track
  • A staircase with adjustable steps to build strength and mobility
  • An 11,000-square-foot outdoor garden for planting therapy sessions
  • Access to fully functional on-site apartment-style rooms, equipped with beds, chairs, toilets, showers, and kitchens to prepare for a return to home
  • 60 private rooms with communal spaces for music, art, and other recreational therapies

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