Saint Luke's Rehabilitation Institute Virtual Tour

Our 100,000-square-foot facility places the region’s most comprehensive suite of specialized neurorobotic devices in the hands of some of the area’s most experienced, expertly trained rehabilitative specialists. To enhance your site experience, please enable your browser's cookies (see how to enable your cookies).

Our Specialties

Hear directly from specialists about how our treatments help your recovery.

Facility highlights

  • Industry leading neurorobotic equipment pieces of equipment designed to restore movement
  • A main-floor gym that houses a full range of exercise and rehabilitative equipment
  • A 100-foot-long supportive ceiling track
  • A staircase with adjustable steps to build strength and mobility
  • An 11,000-square-foot outdoor garden for planting therapy sessions
  • Access to fully functional on-site apartment-style rooms, equipped with beds, chairs, toilets, showers, and kitchens to prepare for a return to home
  • 60 private rooms with communal spaces for music, art, and other recreational therapies


Physical Therapy 

Occupational Therapy 

Speech Therapy 


Music Therapy