Why I Give: Pat Fink

“I feel like I’m important to them. They care. That carries a lot of weight with me.” — Pat Fink

Several years ago, Pat Fink’s doctor diagnosed him with atrial fibrillation (AFib), a condition that interferes with the heart’s rhythm and produces an irregular heartbeat. 

Pat was prescribed several medications to treat it, but their side effects took a toll. He was constantly lethargic, spending his days sitting in a chair instead of working outside with his horses. 

Pat’s cardiologist referred him to Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, where doctors recommended a catheter ablation to correct his arrhythmia. 

That worked for a while, but two years later, the problems returned. Pat began a new drug, but, remembering his last experience, wanted to avoid taking it long-term. 

"These drugs and I, we don’t play well together,” says Pat, now 71. 

After consulting with his doctor, he opted for a second ablation. Everything went well, and now Pat is off all but one blood-pressure medication. He feels better than ever and is back to competing on his horses. 

"The thing with Saint Luke’s that has just absolutely impressed me is that the doctors have all listened to me,” said Pat. 

In addition to the excellent medical care, Pat was struck by the personal touch, such as follow-up calls to check on him. 

"I feel like I’m important to them,” Pat said. “They care. That carries a lot of weight with me.” 

To show their gratitude, Pat and his wife, Barb, decided to make a donation to Saint Luke's.

"I donate to a lot of different entities, but they’ve got to be something I believe in,” Pat said. “I want my money to go to a purpose.” 

Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute met the criteria. The team implants about 1,500 cardiac rhythm devices annually, and performs more than 700 catheter ablations, such as the one that helped Pat. The Heart Institute also leads the region in electrophysiology research, contributing to the development of new drugs that can help patients. 

Gifts such as the Fink's make a difference, and Saint Luke’s is grateful for their support.

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