Weight-loss Surgery: 112 Pounds Later, Linda feels 20 Years Lighter

October 9, 2015

For decades, Linda was a yo-yo. She’d diet, lose weight, gain it back, then start all over again. She even had gastric banding surgery in 2010. Still she couldn’t keep off the extra weight.

She needed more insulin to control her Type 1 diabetes. Her blood pressure was skyrocketing. She just didn’t feel good.

The gastric band started slipping a few years later, making Linda feel even worse. She decided she would give surgery another chance—as long as it was somewhere else.

The best referral she could get was right by her side. Linda’s daughter, Kiley, had a sleeve gastrectomy at Saint Luke’s Center for Surgical Weight Loss in 2009. Kiley had dropped 150 pounds and kept it off for five years. She looked amazing.

More important, Kiley felt healthy and strong.

Linda attended a free seminar at Saint Luke’s Hospital to learn about her options. Later she met with Dr. G. Brent Sorensen in a one-on-one consultation. With her health issues and a BMI over 35, Dr. Sorensen told Linda she was a perfect candidate for gastric bypass.

Saint Luke’s was by her side that day, documenting her journey through the end of her first year.

Since surgery, Linda has lost 112 pounds. She takes half the insulin she needed before, and her hypertension is more easily controlled.

“I feel lighter in spirit,” Linda said. “More than losing weight, it took off 20 years.”

Today Linda looks in the mirror and smiles at her trimmer, healthier reflection. She has plenty of energy to walk, swim, and play with her grandson.  

“The Saint Luke’s physicians and the weight loss office have changed my life,” she said. “I didn’t believe it was possible to look and feel and be in control of my health journey as I am right now.”

A smile lit up her face as she added, “Nothing tastes as good as a smaller size.”   

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