November 15, 2010

Oncologists at Saint Luke's Cancer Institute are experiencing great success treating lung cancer patients with an innovative treatment called Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). This advanced radiation therapy technique makes it possible to identify tumors accurately and precisely, deliver high doses to these targets and limit or reduce the dose delivered to surrounding normal tissues and structures.

By using a high dose of radiation, patients can complete treatment in a few days versus the five-to-seven weeks of daily treatment needed with traditional therapy. The outpatient treatment allows most patients to continue work or carry on their normal activities of daily living during treatment.

Now for patients who qualify, that time can be reduced to a single treatment through access to a National Cancer Institute Phase III investigational clinical trial designed to assess the benefits and risks of two different treatment approaches. Saint Luke's Cancer Institute is the only site in the Kansas City area credentialed and actively participating in the trial.

Saint Luke's Cancer Institute is uniquely positioned to offer advanced therapies. The multidisciplinary approach to care includes the expertise of oncology surgeons, medical oncology physicians, dosimitrists, physicists and other disciplines to develop the best treatment plan for each individual patient. Saint Luke's offers an average of 7 – 8 clinical trials for radiation oncology at any given time and is recognized throughout the nation as a high-accrual center of excellence for clinical trails. Virtually every patient is screened for eligibility, building on the standard of care.

For more information about the single dose radiation treatments at Saint Luke's Cancer Institute, call 816-932-2575.