Motherly: Study Reveals Link Between Chemical Hair Straighteners and Uterine Cancer

The news has not been a very comforting source for style and beauty lovers as of late. And while there are still plenty of editor-approved beauty hacks and products that are safe and can make your life easier, it’s reports like the one that found sports bras may contain high levels of BPA and a new study that connects uterine cancer to the use of chemical hair straightening products, also known as relaxers, that have women thinking twice about their once commonplace routines.

In general, uterine cancer rates have been on the rise in the U.S., with a prediction of approximately 65,950 diagnoses and 12,550 deaths in 2022. But the new research regarding the link to chemical hair straightening published by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute raises some interesting points as to who it is affecting and why. 

Motherly talked to Dr. Jason Knight, surgeon and director of gynecology oncology at Saint Luke's Cancer Institute, about the connection between rising rates of uterine cancer in Black women in particular and chemical hair straighteners.

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