MEDIA COVERAGE: Saint Luke's Announces Center for Precision Oncology

January 24, 2018

Saint Luke's recently launched the Saint Luke's Center for Precision Oncology. This new center focuses on treating cancers deemed incurable. Our precision oncology experts treat your tumor’s mutation, not just your cancer’s location. It’s the only program within 450 miles that offers this level of expertise in clinical oncology, tumor genomics, and computational biology. 

We will not only identify the exact genomic alteration causing a tumor, but we will also find the best possible treatment—even if it’s never been used on that kind of cancer before. On top of that, we will work with insurance and pharmaceutical companies to ensure patients with advanced cancer get the best possible treatment. 

"Right now, the treatment paradigm is that you treat lung cancer differently from breast cancer. I don't think that's going to change anytime soon," Dr. Janakiraman Subramanian, co-director of Saint Luke's Center for Precision Oncology, told the Kansas City Business Journal. "But having this genomic information on cancer brings a new level to this, which allows us in some cases to go beyond just the location of where the cancer started. We can go to the molecular drivers of the cancer."

The intent is to work hand-in-hand with the patients oncologist about the best treatment option.

Read more from the Kansas City Business Journal here.

Watch more on KCTV's Better KC, below.

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Timothy J Pluard, MD

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