MEDIA COVERAGE: Psychologists urge parents to talk with kids about Orlando

June 15, 2016

Parents may not know how to talk with their children about the Orlando nightclub massacre, but experts said it’s a conversation they should have. Dr. Kathy Harms, Senior Director of Therapy Services at Crittenton Children's Center says, "Don’t wait for them to talk about it. They might not feel like it’s OK to talk about."

Dr. Harms explains to local media the steps parents can take to help their children understand what's going on.  She recommends parents use the Attunement Steps, which start with noticing or listening to a child’s behaviors or words, have the children describe how they are feeling, validating the child’s words or behavior so they know the parent understands and cares and then ask the child what can they, the parents, do to help them feel better. 

Watch KMBC's story here and KCTV's story here.

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