Many women put off mammograms and self-exams for fear of what they might discover. A local woman is sharing her story about breast cancer to share the message of early detection, especially when pregnant.

“I had found a lump during a self-exam, and told my OB, and she had me go for an ultrasound. She didn’t think it was anything, but just to kind of check and make sure, and it came back that it was, indeed, cancerous,” breast cancer survivor Laura Grable said.

Dr. Timothy Pluard, oncologist, Medical Director of Saint Luke's Cancer Institute and her physician, said you don’t have to have a history.

“Most women who get breast cancer don’t have a family history,” Dr. Timothy Pluard said. Dr. Pluard said they are seeing an increasing number of young women with breast cancer, and that you should always get any lumps or changes checked out.

Dr. Pluard tells FOX4 why breast cancer while pregnant can be complicated and how outcomes aren't much different from those who are not pregnant. 

Watch the full story, below.


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Timothy J Pluard, MD

Oncology / Hematology