KSHB: 'Somebody cares': Inmates crochet scarves for women with heart disease

A group of women at the Chillicothe Correctional Center use the art of crocheting to give back to other women - women who have heart disease.

Marcia McCoy, the director of Saint Luke's Muriel I. Kauffman Women's Heart Center, came to meet and thank the inmates for the intricate scarves they had made for patients at Saint Luke's.

"The red scarf lets women know that they're not alone in their fight against or their journey with their heart disease or condition," McCoy said.

The scarves are delivered to patients by Pathway to Purpose volunteers, women who are themselves survivors of heart disease. Although the program has been around for years, the batch of donations from the prison last year caught McCoy's eye.

The beautiful scarves compelled McCoy and Pathway to Purpose volunteers Holly and Cathy to visit the prison and meet the women who made them.

It's a bond of healing, forged through the red scarves.

KSHB's Cat Reid, joined Marcia and Pathway to Purpose volunteers as they met these women who crochet love into every scarf they make.