KSHB: Saint Luke's offers specialized heart program for patients with cancer

It's critical to keep up with your heart, especially if you're undergoing cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Saint Luke's offers a Cardio-Oncology Program where our experts diagnose and treat heart conditions in patients who have been or are being treated for cancer. Saint Luke's is one of only nine Cardio-Oncology Centers of Excellence in the country. 

KSHB spoke with Dr. Deepthi Vodnala, cardiologist at Saint Luke's, about the specialized program and how it helps patients. 

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Feb. 3, 2022

Health News You Can Use: Cardio-Oncology Program

Some cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, can cause damage to the heart muscle. There is a new specialty focused on this area--and Saint Luke’s offers one of only nine certified programs in the country.