As restrictions for businesses reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, people are reminded to follow Centers for Disease Control guidelines by using hand sanitizer, wipes, masks and even gloves.

Ginny Boos, PhD, RN, director of infection prevention at Saint Luke's Health System, explained germs can spread easily by talking, sneezing and coughing.

"Some germs can live for days on a hard surface," said Boos. "Most germs can be broken down and a majority of germs with usual sanitizer, cleaning products. And the kill time of the germs really is contingent upon the dry time." 


She explained our bodies are resilient when it comes to fighting off infections. Because of the danger of COVID-19, doctor's still don't understand why some people's bodies have little to no reaction and others' can be critical.

Boos said it's important to remember people carry a shared responsibility to slow the spread of germs.

"When we have these viruses, there's always going to be with us. These viruses and germs in general, it's being cognizant that what can you do to protect yourself, but not just yourself, other people. Because we're only as good as the weakest link," she said.

While experts work toward a vaccine, Boos added the best way people can protect themselves and others is by covering their mouth and keeping their hands away from their face.

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