KMBC: Saint Luke's expands drive-thru testing to first responders

Saint Luke's has expanded drive-thru testing to first responders and is partnering with nearly 40 first responded organizations on both sides of the state line. 

"They were waiting five, sometimes up to 10 days for their test results and that can mean several things for someone like KCPD. It can mean putting an officer on furlough for 10 to 14 days while they wait for results," said Dr. Marc Larsen, Saint Luke's Operations Section Chief and Emergency Medicine Physician.

"That is huge, to keep us out there serving the community, to keep us safe so we can maintain the safety level of everybody going to their homes or their critical businesses," saind Sgt. Jake Becchina, Kasnas City Police Department. 

There are currently three drive-thru testing sites across the metro at Saint Luke's at Mission Farms, Shoal Creek, and Blue Springs.

First responders who meet the criteria and want to be tested should obtain a referral through their human resources department. They must show a referral form, badge and personal identification to be tested.

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