KMBC used Saint Luke's East Hospital's patients going home after battling COVID-19 as an example of the good news of worldwide cases recovered reaching 500,000 people. 

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41 ACtion News - KSHB: Saint Luke's East coronavirus patient goes home
Apr. 8, 2020

KSHB: Saint Luke's East Coronavirus patient goes home

Saint Luke's East staff celebrates a COVID-19 patient being able to go home after a stay in the hospital.
FOX4: Saint Luke's celebrates COVID patients returning home - patient leaving in a wheelchair
Apr. 10, 2020

FOX4: Saint Luke's celebrates COVID patients returning home

Saint Luke's is celebrating the victories of patients returning home from battling COVID-19. They, also, have messages to the community to stay home.
KMBC 9 News. Latest information--coronavirus impact
Apr. 10, 2020

KMBC: Saint Luke's East nurse manager shares stories of hope, COVID-19 patients going home

The Progressive Care Unit at Saint Luke's East Hospital is sharing moments of joy and hope as COVID-19 patients leave healthy enough to go home. KMBC talked to the unit's nurse manager about what it means to the hard-working staff.