KMBC: Flu cases are six times higher than last year at this time

December 21, 2017

Influenza is hitting the area harder and earlier this year compared to 2016. Missouri is one of 12 states seeing "widespread" influenza cases in its most recent data from week 49 (December 3rd through 9th).

This time last year, Missouri had seen 606 positive cases for the flu season. This year, as of week 49 (December 3rd through 9th) we are at 3,558 positive cases. This rate is nearly 6 times higher than last year.

From December 3rd through the 9th alone, Missouri saw a total of 771 laboratory-positive influenza cases.

"People are on the couch with their remote control, and they might have a cough and cold. They're not cleaning that remote control," said Dr. Aaron Kaus.

Germs spread quickly in tight quarters. And while you can't clean constantly - you can focus on the hot spots for germs.

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