KCTV: Is Your Child Struggling? Maybe You Should Sign Them Up for “Express Yourself Camp”

Saint Luke's Home Care & Hospice, in collaboration with the Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri, is hosting its annual grief camp for children and teens called Express Yourself Camp. Families can register until May, 29th at 5 pm.

Grief is a powerful emotional and physical reaction to the loss of someone or something. It can be a complex emotion to process and for children and teens, it is no different. During the pandemic there has been more loss than ever for children across the area; loss of loved ones, loss of friendships, relationships, and connections, loss of routine and school, etc. 

Roslyn Chelliah, a music therapist with Saint Luke's Home Care & Hospice, talks with KCTV5 about Express Yourself Camp, an annual camp to help children ages 5-14 deal with unique feelings following a loss or life change. 

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