Kansas City Star: KC hospitals ‘bursting at the seams’ with record numbers of COVID-19 patients

October 16, 2020

Some Kansas City area hospitals are facing their biggest influx of coronavirus patients since the pandemic began.

In Kansas City, Saint Luke’s Health System hit a record number of COVID-19 patients — more than 100 — on Tuesday, more than double their August average. The situation has worsened over the course of the year. In May and June, the hospital system averaged 15 patients a day. In July and August it was 50. In September, 63. In the first 14 days of October, Saint Luke’s averaged 85 patients a day.

The Kansas City Star talked to Dr. Marc Larsen, Director of Operations for Saint Luke's COVID Response Team and emergency physician, about why it's more crucial than ever the Kansas City area takes the pandemic seriously.

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