Kansas City Business Journal: Saint Luke's, Garmin, TeraCrunch Partner on Cancer Study Using Wearable

May 31, 2019

Saint Luke's Cancer Institute is partnering with Garmin Ltd. and TeraCrunch on a wearable study that combines health care, consumer electronics, and artificial intelligence for advanced cancer patients.

Starting in mid-June, Garmin will provide 50 to 70 stage four cancer patients with a Viviosmart4 wearable device. The wearable will track things like changes in heart rate, sleep patterns, and stress levels. The data will be uploaded each day to Garmin's health portal, and TeraCrunch will then develop algorithms to find patterns that predict when patients could experience adverse reactions and when to alert their doctor at Saint Luke's.

"When you have advanced cancer and you're undergoing treatment, there are side effects from the treatment and side effects and complications from the cancer itself," said Dr. Tim Pluard, the medical director of Saint Luke's Cancer Institute."Every time you have one of these events, you're draining your reserves, and these patients have limited reserves."

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Garmin's VivoSmart4 wearable device
Garmin's Vivosmart4 wearable devices

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Timothy J Pluard, MD

Oncology / Hematology