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Hedrick Medical Center and City of Chillicothe unveil new dedication plaque

August 6, 2014

On Thursday, Aug. 14, Hedrick Medical Center and the City of Chillicothe will unveil a new plaque, honoring past leaders of previous Hedrick Medical Center construction projects. There will be a brief ceremony, which will include the unveiling and refreshments. The event will begin at 2 p.m. in the Hedrick Medical Center main lobby.
Those honored on the plaque include hospital board members and executives, and city officials from the 1936, 1954, and 1972 hospital construction projects. Community members are invited, and a special invitation is extended to family and friends of the individuals featured on the plaque. The plaque will honor the following individuals:

Grover C. Carnahan, William A. Eylenburg, Chris F. Gier, Henry H. Haynes, J.D. Rice, and Harold F. Way

Allen Edwards, F.A. Lionberger, Paul Sparks, Robert A. Staton, Frank Trager, Roy Uhrmacher, Murray N. Windle, and Edward Wolter

John Anderson, Joseph Cleveland, Lawrence Dayton, Donald M. Dowell, M.D., Frances Fernald, R.N., A. Eldon Hoover, Clinton R. Hutchinson, Joseph Kinsella, F.A. Lionberger, Don McCullough, John P. Milbank, B. Carl Nichols, Sherwood Patek, Benjamin M. Riles, D.O., Roy Rodebaugh, Edward J. Saale, Paul Shelton, Luther J. Shobe, Paul Slattery, and V.J. Wolf

The original plaques, pulled from the former hospitals, will be donated to the Grand River Historical Society Museum for display. For questions regarding the event, call 660-214-8103.