HCP Live: Report: More Than 25% of U.S. Adults Has One or More Cardiac, Renal, or Metabolic Conditions

Researchers at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute took part in an analysis examining two decades of trends in the prevalence and overlap of cardiac, renal, and metabolic conditions among U.S. adults. 

The findings paint a concerning picture investigators suggest will need addressing with concerted public health efforts.

Results of the analysis, which looked at changes in prevalence from 1999 through 2020, indicate more than 25% of US adults had at least one cardiac, renal, or metabolic condition and 1.5% had all three by the end of the study period, with results pointing to significant disparities in prevalence based on patient age as well as racial/ethnic background. 

Read the full HCP Live article: Report: More Than 25% of U.S. Adults Has 1 or More Cardiac, Renal, or Metabolic Conditions

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