FOX4: Local COVID-19 survivor shares story behind emotional video of hospital release

The number of coronavirus cases and deaths is rising each day, so it might be easy to forget people are being treated for the disease and getting well. Saint Luke's is celebrating those patients getting back home, and Paul is one of those being celebrated.

“They had to gown up to come in and see me because of my condition, and they all did that. They put their personal health at risk to come in to see me to help me, just to bring me an ice water,” Paul said.

Paul recovered enough to go home, but not before a proper sendoff.

“During this time, we thought this really calls for celebration. We need to celebrate these moments, these small wins and share and spread a little joy at a time when there’s lots of fear and panic out there,” said Carrie Willis, nurse manager of Saint Luke’s East Progressive Care Unit.

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