FOX4: Drinking Two or More Diet Drinks a Day Linked to High Risk of Stroke, Heart Attacks

February 19, 2019

Drinking two or more beverages a day with any kind of artificial sweeteners is linked to an increased risk of strokes, heart attacks, and early death in women over the age of 50, according to a new study by the American Heart Association.

The study followed more than 80,000 women for an average of just under 12 years to get the results.

FOX4 talked to Dr. Coleman Martin, a neurologist at Saint Luke's Marion Bloch Neuroscience Institute, about the study's findings and how it compares to previous studies.

"Based on the previous study, we don't see that there's a safe amount of diet soda to drink," Dr. Martin said. "But I should stress that we haven't proven that diet soda causes stroke and heart attacks. We just find that those who are drinking more of it are having strokes and heart attacks."

Watch the full story below.

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