Fox News: Church member receives kidney from his pastor: A ‘blessing from God’

July 30, 2021

Jeremy Whitham hasn’t only gotten spiritual guidance and support from his pastor – he also received a lifesaving gift.

Whitham, 36, from Osceola, Missouri, found out his kidneys were failing in 2017 after he woke up blind one day. He spent about two years on dialysis, all while looking and praying for a kidney donor.

"I hoped and prayed for a long time that I would get one, because I don’t like living like that," Jeremy said.

Fox News talked to Jeremy, his mother Connie, and his pastor, Jack Coultas, about their story and the importance of organ donation.

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Doctors at Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City successfully performed a kidney donation, giving Whitham one of Coultas’s kidneys, in January 2020. (Courtesy of Connie Whitham)

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