It’s important to choose a gynecologist you can trust. Our team of providers at Saint Luke's Women's Health East cares for girls and women in all phases of life, from puberty to post-menopause. 

If you haven't seen a gynecologist in some time, we encourage you to schedule your annual well-woman exam. A yearly exam is vital to your overall health and disease prevention.

During this annual visit, you can discuss with your provider any of your health concerns, including your history and lifestyle. We'll also verify you're up to date on all health screenings.

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Oct. 27, 2022
FOX4: Report Shows Mental Health-Related Issues Are Leading Cause of Death for New Mothers
FOX4 talked to Dr. Sarah Pearl about how the findings emphasize why it's so important for medical providers to take their time and invest in each patient. 
Sep. 20, 2022
KSHB: Breastfeeding Support Groups Reopened After Pandemic
Saint Luke's is pleased that our in-person Breastfeeding Support Groups were been re-opened in the spring to new mothers with children under 3 months. But now, they have expanded access back to mothers and support people at any stage in their breastfeeding journey. 
Jul. 13, 2022
KSHB: Local Gynecologist Discusses Impact of Period Product Supply Shortage, Alternatives
KSHB talked to Dr. Rebecca Lobell about the impact of the shortage on a person's health and safe alternative options.
May. 31, 2022
FOX4: Maternal Mental Health Month: OB-GYN Encourages Mothers to Reach Out for Help
FOX4 talked to Dr. Sarah Pearl about when new and expecting mothers should reach out for help.
Jun. 3, 2022
Health News You Can Use: Maternal Mental Health
Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are among the most common complication during pregnancy or within the first year after delivery.


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