Saint Luke's Hospital Medicine

What is a hospitalist?

Saint Luke's hospitalist physicians are trained and board certified in either family practice or internal medicine. They specialize in delivering comprehensive medical care to hospitalized patients. Hospitalists manage and treat a wide range of complex medical conditions. Saint Luke's hospitalists lead care within the hospital, coordinating care among nurses, subspecialists, advanced practice providers and other clinical staff from the time of admission until you are discharged home. 

How does the hospitalist practice work?

Hospitalists will be in charge of your care and direct your treatment while you are in the hospital. Hospitalists work full time in the hospital setting and are available to you and your family to discuss your plan of care and answer any questions you may have about your care. The hospitalist may consult other physicians to be involved in your care if necessary. Your hospital care team will send test results, medication adjustments, and our recommended treatment plans to your primary care physician at the time of discharge.

What can I expect from my hospitalist?

  • Constant availability: Hospitalists are available to see hospital patients 24 hours per day. They assist at bedside in the case of emergency or during a change in patient status.
  • Consistency in care: Hospitalists can follow up on tests and adjust treatments throughout the day since their sole focus is hospitalized patients.
  • Better communication: Hospitalists stay in contact with specialists and your primary care physician. They are readily available to communicate with patients and their family at bedside.
  • Team-based care
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Efficient discharge process