Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City Neonatal Medical Follow Up Clinic

Parents whose infants have been released from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with medical equipment or medications are referred to the Neonatal Medical Follow Up Clinic where they receive resources and information about how to care for their child at home.

Appointments at the Follow Up Clinic include information about home medical equipment, medications, feeding issues and/or growth issues. A neonatologist examines the child thoroughly and gives instructions on how to care for the baby’s additional needs. 

Clinic staff help assess monitor downloads and evaluate caloric intake. An occupational therapist can also be scheduled as needed. The Follow Up Clinic also helps parents navigate and coordinate care with insurance, home health companies, and medical equipment companies. 

Parents should also schedule and maintain regular appointments recommended by their pediatrician for immunizations and newborn care. The team at the Follow Up Clinic sends an update on the baby’s progress to their doctor after each clinic visit. 

Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City The Children’s SPOT

Established in 1980 at Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, The Children’s SPOT (Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy) provides early and intensive rehabilitative therapy to infants through school-aged children. Research shows treatment at this early age is best.