Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute (KCOI), a physician-owned hospital, is the first and only hospital in the Kansas City area dedicated solely to orthopedics. KCOI was created through a strategic alliance between leading orthopedic surgeons and Saint Luke’s Health System.

KCOI performs more than 900 inpatient surgeries and 5,000 outpatient surgeries every year. The hospital’s team of physicians, nurses, therapists, and technicians are specifically trained and experienced in meeting the unique needs of orthopedic patients.

KCOI’s low patient-to-nurse and patient-to-therapist ratios ensure that patients receive personalized care. KCOI consistently achieves exceptional quality and patient satisfaction scores.

KCOI services include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient surgery for all orthopedic sub-specialties in state-of-the-art surgical suites
  • Rehabilitation, including physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Interventional pain treatment provided by board-certified physiatrists
  • Prosthetics, orthopedic braces, and durable medical goods

Learn more about KCOI services or see a complete list of KCOI physicians.

Financial Assistance

Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute (KCOI) wants to help patients who need assistance paying their medical bills. You may qualify for financial assistance. Please review the information provided and contact us if you want to apply or if you have any questions about the policy or how to apply.

KCOI provides financial assistance for medically indigent patients who meet eligibility criteria. Financial assistance may be provided in full or in part with patient’s being responsible for a reduced amount.  Eligibility is based on patient, guarantor and household income expressed as a percentage of the Federal Poverty Guideline for family size. Other financial resources such as checking accounts, savings accounts, IRA’s, CD’s, retirement savings, and investments are also considered when determining a patient’s eligibility. For hospital accounts, patients qualifying for financial assistance will not be billed for amounts greater than the amounts generally billed to insured patients. 

In the case of a catastrophic medical event, patients who may not ordinarily qualify for financial assistance may be approved for partial assistance. Under these special circumstances the patient responsibility for hospital accounts will be not more than the lesser of 20% of annual family income or the amounts generally billed to insured patients.

Patients may apply for Financial Assistance at any time – before, during or after care. 

Patients apply for financial assistance by completing a Statement of Financial Position form (PDF) and providing supporting documents as requested. The application form is available free to any patient that requests one. Patients may obtain an application form by requesting one in writing or by contacting the business office by phone or email. Patients may pick up a copy of the application form in person from the Admitting office at the hospital. The application form is also available on the KCOI website. The hospital business office staff is available to assist patients in completing the form. You may contact the business office at 913-253-8932.

KCOI Financial Assistance Policy (PDF) only includes patient bills for services provided by the hospital. Your personal physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist, emergency physician, radiologist, other physicians or professional providers not employed by KCOI are not covered by this policy. View the KCOI's Amounts Generally Billed Calculation (PDF).



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