On Oct. 1, Allen County Regional Hospital upgraded its electronic medical record (EMR) system to the Epic platform.

Moving to the Epic EMR allows Allen County Regional Hospital and the primary care clinics in Iola and Humboldt to align patient health records, workflow and process, and billing with all other providers and clinicians associated with Saint Luke’s Health System, including specialists, home care, imaging, laboratory, and more.

What this means for patients

  • Patients are now able to communicate with providers while having access to personal health information, test results, and billing online through: 
  • Patients’ care providers are easily able to share important health information, no matter where the patient receives care within Saint Luke’s. This helps ensure transparency and higher quality care.

For services after Oct.1

At a patient’s initial visit following the Oct. 1 launch, they may need to provide some additional information as providers and clinicians will be updating records and getting up to speed during the transition. 

Patients will receive one consolidated bill for services received on or after Oct. 1 at Allen County Regional Hospital or any other Saint Luke’s Health System facility.

Allen County Regional Hospital staff will be available to answer questions patients might have.

For services prior to Oct. 1

Services received at Allen County Regional Hospital or at one of the primary care clinics prior to Oct. 1 will continue to be billed through the legacy systems.

To make a credit card payment for services received prior to Oct. 1, please visit the Allen County Regional Hospital Financial Counseling Department, or call 620-365-1036, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Patients of Allen County Regional Hospital and Allen County Regional Hospital–Iola Clinic can continue to access their pre-Oct. 1 medical records at allencountyhospital.iqhealth.com.