Hedrick Medical Center Oncology Nurse Navigator Program

Hedrick Medical Center provides an Oncology Nurse Navigator Program dedicated to easing the physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial hardships of living with and beyond cancer. The program is made possible thanks to an anonymous $50,000 donation to the Hedrick Medical Center Foundation in 2014.

The program centers on an on-staff oncology nurse navigator whose job is to assist cancer patients throughout their entire diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process, as well as the clinical coordination of their care.

This lead gift to the Oncology Nurse Navigator Program was given to the HMC Foundation by a donor who feels strongly that this program will change lives—not only of the patients but of their families as well.

Questions about the program itself or about how to make a donation? Contact Lindy Chapman at 660-214-8107 or linchapman@saint-lukes.org.

About the program

The oncology nurse navigator sees the big picture of a cancer patient’s care and coordinates all aspects of that care to best serve the patient. When undergoing treatment—and even beyond—cancer patients may see multiple clinicians as they go through a variety of tests, doctor’s appointments, surgery, and treatments. But they also require much more beyond their specific medical treatment. A patient’s needs are extensive and varied, including potentially having issues with or needing assistance with nutrition, rehabilitative programs, mental health, financial concerns, daily living tasks, spiritual guidance, and many more. These services are often more difficult to access and coordinate.

The Oncology Nurse Navigator Program also offers patients a number of no-cost support services that patients may be able to utilize, which are available through the partnerships Hedrick has formed in the community.

These services include nutritional advice during and post treatment, a cancer support group, social services assistance, fitness and/or yoga classes, massage therapy, and educational programs.

The Hedrick Medical Center oncology department provides services such as port maintenance, chemotherapy infusion, blood and iron product replacement and injections for chemotherapy support. With approximately 90 individuals diagnosed with cancer each year in Livingston County, and an additional 300 more in the surrounding five counties, there is a need for this kind of guidance services for cancer survivors and their families.

Each year, in memory and in celebration of our patients who are a part of the ONN program, the Foundation hosts a luncheon to remember those we have lost and honor those who inspire us every day.

Community support

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All funds will be used to support programs and services of Hedrick Medical Center.


Aug. 8, 2019

Ashley Ewing hired at Oncology Nurse Navigator at Hedrick Medical Center

The program is dedicated to easing the physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial hardships of living with and beyond cancer.