Post-Hip Replacement: Heel Slides, Abduction, Adduction

The following exercises can be done in bed. Some help improve blood flow. Others help build strength. Your physical therapist or surgeon may give you special instructions. Repeat each exercise  10 times. Do them at least  3 times each day. Count out loud with each exercise to avoid holding your breath.

Heel slides

  • Keep the heel of your operated leg on the bed. Then slide the heel toward your buttocks as far as you comfortably can.

  • Hold for 5 seconds. Then slide your heel back to the starting position.

    Leg from knee down showing heel slides.


  • Start with your feet slightly apart. Keeping your knee and foot pointing toward the ceiling, slowly slide your operated leg out to the side.

  • Slide your leg back to its starting position without crossing the midline of your body.

    Legs from waist down showing abduction/adduction.