The Gardens at Hedrick Medical Center

This 3.2 acre space at Hedrick Medical Center will incorporate many different styles of design that all work together to provide a comfortable, serene and restorative place for the community and our patients, visitors and staff to spend time.

As the garden plan developed, we held many very necessary discussions – planning features, reviewing species of plants and trees to be used, and lengthy meetings on terrain, drainage and utility lines – just to name a few. All so very necessary and important, but, as the “nuts and bolts” type discussions have decreased, we have been able to come full circle – with why we want to build this garden and what we believe it will give back to this amazing community in which we live.

We've spoken to different community groups and organizations over the last several months and have tried to convey not only the details of The Gardens but also to give the audiences a sense of why we chose this project and what we believe it will mean for our patients, visitors, community and region. Healing gardens are now commonplace in many hospitals—there are several in the Kansas City area, in Columbia, and in St. Louis—and there's a lot of research that documents the benefits of gardens and outdoor areas as a part of the healing process for patients and for their family and friends. 

A garden area provides comfort, reduces stress, gives distraction, and offers a place to eat, walk, gather, meditate or pray. 

As the idea began to grow, we saw that there was nothing like this in our community or in northwest Missouri. This won’t be “just a garden”; it will have patio space with shade provided by a large pergola adjacent to a pavilion building—a perfect space for groups, organizations, or individuals to host meetings, events, and activities in a unique and beautiful setting. 

The HMC Foundation Board is dreaming big, as organizations in Chillicothe so often do with a history of great success. We know that this will be such an asset, not just for our community, but for the region we serve. We think of this not just as a hospital garden, but as a garden for the community that just happens to be on the grounds of a hospital. We have our patients and their families in the forefront of our minds—they are our reason for being— but we want to partner with the community we serve to help make this a reality.

The following is a list of the various naming opportunities in The Gardens. The funds raised through these and other donations will help us make The Gardens a reality.

Naming Opportunities

The following are available for $50,000:

  • Rain Garden
  • Main Patio - SOLD
  • Outdoor Therapy Garden
  • Gazebo - SOLD

The following are available for $25,000:

  • Blue Garden
  • Miniatures & Topiary Garden
  • Learning Garden/Mini Amphitheater - SOLD
  • Welcome Garden

The following are available for $15,000:

  • Fragrance Gardens
  • Prairie - SOLD
  • Savanna - SOLD
  • Orchard - SOLD
  • Legacy Garden
  • Winter Garden

The following are available for $10,000:

  • Meadow Stone Wall Seating - SOLD
  • Main Lawn - SOLD

Additional Naming Opportunities:

  • Sculpture (various locations): $2,500 - $10,000
  • Benches: $1,500 each
  • Welcome Tree - SOLD
  • Engraved Steel Tiles:
    • $100 (4” x 8” matte finish);
    • $250 (6” x 6” brushed finish);
    • $500 (10” x 6” buffed finish)

Commemorative Gift Opportunities:

  • Trees: $500 each

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All funds will be used to support programs and services of Hedrick Medical Center.

A map of the Gardens at Hedrick Medical Center