The surgeons at Saint Luke's Center for Surgical Weight Loss offers the Duodenal switch procedure, which is when the surgeon removes a large portion of the stomach. 

The surgeon removes a large portion of the stomach, leaving a smaller banana-shaped stomach with much smaller capacity. The small intestine is then divided, separating the digestive juices from food until late in the small intestine. This procedure is irreversible.

Weight loss

Duodenal switch patients will experience the fastest and most dramatic weight loss: up to 5 pounds per week and up to 85 percent of their excess weight. This rapid weight loss will taper off over time as you reach your optimal weight.


Duodenal switch is also known as DS, The Switch, or biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch. DS combines a sleeve gastrectomy with gastric bypass. It has the best weight loss and diabetes management success rates. Overeating can increase the size of the stomach over time.


Risks are similar to those of gastric bypass, including slightly increased malnutrition risk. The stomach can leak, narrow to further restrict its size, and cause hernias. Your surgeon will review all potential risks and complications.

Saint Luke’s surgeons perform almost all of their procedures laparoscopically. Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive method requiring much smaller incisions than traditional open surgery. This leads to less pain, a shorter hospital stay, and fewer complications.

Medical illustration of duodenal switch

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