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Leading the Way in Research

Donor giving will help keep financial challenges from delaying urgent and life-saving research. As a premier academic medical center, Saint Luke’s conducts research that affects patients across the globe. Considered among the most notable research centers in the nation, Saint Luke’s is currently involved in more than 400 clinical trials and research studies.

  • Saint Luke’s is leading the DARE-19 clinical trial to examine if a diabetes drug can help prevent serious, life-threatening complications in patients with COVID-19, including protecting the heart and kidneys.
  • Saint Luke’s is expanding its national influence with the development of the Heart Outcomes in Pregnancy Expectations (HOPE) Registry for Mom and Baby. The study’s goal is to better understand maternal heart disease and improve outcomes for pregnant women with heart conditions.
  • Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute is conducting innovative tricuspid valve research, examining if extracellular material could promote stem-cell growth, potentially eliminating the need for lifelong blood thinners.
  • Saint Luke’s Cancer Institute is using wearable Garmin® medical devices to track symptoms in patients with Stage 4 cancer, enabling providers to intervene before a health crisis emerges.
  • Saint Luke’s Neuroscience Institute began a landmark trial to determine if combining a tissue plasminogen activator with blood thinners will produce better results for patients during the first 90 days after a stroke.

Support Our Research

We are currently involved in more than 400 clinical trials and appreciate the generous benefactors that make our research capabilities possible.