Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE™ provides employers with a comprehensive toolkit to manage employee health and costs associated with preventable conditions and unhealthy lifestyles.

While our solutions continually evolve to meet employers’ changing needs, our health and well-being objectives remain constant:

  • To employ proven interventions and strategies to provide the best possible solutions to manage health risks
  • To improve employee health, reducing or eliminating use of expensive health care services
  • To demonstrate a return on engagement by delivering the most cost-effective, highest-quality services and programs

We deliver programs tailored to the unique needs of each client organization using a collaborative approach. 

Our Employee Assistance Program for employers provides consultation, coaching, counseling, planning, training, resources, and support.

Find out about what our EAP offers employers.

Employers have access to dozens of training presentations in a wide variety of categories.

See the training presentations LIFEWISE offers.

Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE offers employers a wide menu of options and services for a custom program designed with each organization’s needs in mind.

Learn more about Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE. Call 816-932-3899 or email

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