Provider Profile

Suzanne V Arnold, MD
Saint Luke’s Care Member

Provider Profile

Suzanne V Arnold, MD

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Medical School
The Ohio State University College, Columbus, OH
Internal Medicine, Washington University, B-JC/SLCH Consortium, St. Louis, MO
Cardiology, SLHS/Mid American Heart Institute, Kansas City, MO
Cardiovascular Disease, Barnes-Jewish Hospital / Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, MO

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • American Board of Internal Medicine - Subspecialty in Cardiovascular Disease

Academic Titles

  • Research Assistant Professor, University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Medicine, Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics

Clinical Interests

  • clinical cardiology
  • cardiovascular outcomes research
  • geriatric cardiology


Dr. Suzanne Arnold was born in Ohio and attended undergraduate school and medical school at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She completed a residency in Internal Medicine and a fellowship in Cardiovascular Diseases at Washington University in St. Louis. She is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Echocardiography. She also completed a research fellowship through the American Heart Association in cardiovascular outcomes research.

Dr. Arnold joined Saint Luke's Health System in 2012, and her primary clinical interests are in geriatric cardiology and valvular heart disease. She is actively involved in  multiple research projects studying the long-term outcomes of patients with aortic stenosis and patients with chronic coronary disease. She was the recipient of several research awards, including the Burton Sobel Award for Excellence in Cardiovascular Research at Washington University in St. Louis and the American Heart Association Young Investigator Award.

Accepted Insurances

  • Aetna Choice POS II
  • Aetna Choice POS II Aexcel Local
  • Aetna Choice POS II Local
  • Aetna Elect Choice
  • Aetna Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan
  • Aetna HMO
  • Aetna HMO Local
  • Aetna Mail Handlers Benefit Plan
  • Aetna Managed Choice
  • Aetna MDOT & Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • Aetna Medicare
  • Aetna Missouri Preferred
  • Aetna MU myChoice Health Program
  • Aetna Open Choice PPO
  • Aetna Select
  • Aetna Select Local
  • Aetna Signature Administrators (ASA)
  • Aetna Workers Comp
  • BCBS of Kansas (call provider)
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  • BCBS of Kansas City Freedom Network
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  • BCBS of Kansas City Preferred Care
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  • Blue Medicare Advantage Access (PPO)
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  • Blue Medicare Advantage Plus (HMO)
  • Century Health Solutions (PPO)
  • Cigna (HMO)
  • Cigna (Open Access)
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  • CompResults (WC)
  • Coventry Advantra Freedom (PPO)
  • Coventry Health and Life Insurance Company
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  • Golden Rule
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  • Healthcare USA-MC+ (Aetna Better Health)
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  • Missouri Care (Missouri practices only)
  • Missouri Medicaid
  • MultiPlan/PCHS (PPO)
  • Occupational Health Management (WC)
  • OHARA Managed Care (WC)
  • ProviDRs Care Network (formerly WPPA)
  • Pyramid Life (Medicare Advantage PPO)
  • Railroad Medicare
  • Sunflower State Health Plan (Kansas practices)
  • Triwest Veterans Affairs Patient Centered Community Care
  • United Healthcare Choice
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  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare Complete
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  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare Complete Plus
  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare DH
  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare Plus Essential
  • US Department of Labor



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On Staff At

  • Anderson County Hospital
  • Hedrick Medical Center
  • Saint Luke's Cushing Hospital
  • Saint Luke's East Hospital
  • Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City
  • Saint Luke's North Hospital–Barry Road
  • Saint Luke's North Hospital–Smithville
  • Saint Luke's South Hospital
  • Wright Memorial Hospital