KSHB: 'Miracle baby' born after 21 weeks celebrates her first birthday

June 27, 2018

Saint Luke’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) doctors, nurses, and staff enjoy hearing the success stories of our tiniest patients. Now in its third year, Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City’s ELGAN (Extremely Low Gestational Age Newborn) program offers families options for treatment of the earliest preemies, less than 24 weeks. Based on research and leading-edge technology, we provide families with the information they need to make an informed decision about their baby’s care.

For Eliora "Ellie" Schneider, it was just what she needed to get off to a good start in life. Dr. Barbara Carr, neonatologist at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City, said nationally babies born prior to the 24 week mark, like Ellie, have a 6 percent survival rate, however, here at Saint Luke's these little ones have a 50 percent survival rate. 

Dr. Carr talks with 41 ActionNews about what parents should know about choosing to be a part of the ELGAN program could mean for their precious, little ones.

A first birthday is a milestone event for any family — but Ellie's first birthday might be a miracle. Ellie was born after 21 weeks. Dr. Carr told 41 Action News babies born that early have a very slim chance of surviving. See how Ellie is doing now.


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