Saint Luke's Cushing Foundation

Private gifts to Saint Luke's Cushing Foundation help promote and advance our medical programs and the welfare of the community we serve. Gifts to the foundation can be established in many ways:

  • Memorial gifts
  • Gifts in honor of a caregiver or loved one
  • A trust or will
  • Designate a beneficiary of one's pension plan, retirement account, or life insurance policy

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Foundation’s mission

Enrich health care for Saint Luke’s Cushing through the development and investment of community resources, the enhancement of prevention through education, the serving of patient needs, and the encouragement of community awareness.

Community Programs

Mammogram for Every Woman

We’ve committed $30,000 to fund mammograms for 90 uninsured women at $332 each.

Stayin’ Alive

The Foundation has hosted more than 300 women in our “prevention through knowledge programs.”

Photos from the 2017 Stayin' Alive event are ready. Contact Tracie Lansing Photography at 913-306-4018 or

Compassionate Care Program

Financial assistance for transportation, medications, equipment, and other unmet needs

Athletic Heart Fund

Sudden cardiac death screenings for high school athletes at a cost of $90

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Donate Now

The IRS recognizes Saint Luke's Cushing Hospital as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization. Checks, bequests, and other legal documents should be made payable to:

Saint Luke's Cushing Foundation
711 Marshall St.
Leavenworth, KS 66048

For more information, contact Lori O’Donnell at 913-684-1282 or

Board Members

  • Arlen Briggs
  • Marianne Grodberg
  • Shari Hansen
  • Tena Hundley
  • Vicky Kaaz
  • Barbara Kempf
  • ​Jeffrey Klemp
  • Chris Norris
  • Bill Petrie
  • ​Kelly Reilly
  • Laurie Rust
  • Rick Schneider
  • Blaine Weeks, President
  • Dinah Zeck