mySaintLuke's Frequently Asked Questions

Most Asked

How can I sign up for mySaintLuke's?   
Signing up for mySaintLuke’s is simple:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your personal information in our secure portal.
  3. Verify your identity.
  4. Choose a username and password.

Can I check in electronically before each visit?   
Save time at your next appointment by checking in electronically with eCheck-In from anywhere, up to seven days prior to your visit. To do that:

  1. Go to Visits, then click on "Appointments and Visits."
  2. Locate your visit, click eCheck-In, and follow the prompts.
    1. Verify your personal information by clicking “This information is correct.” Click Next.
    2. Electronically sign any documents or consents you may need to sign. Click Next.
    3. Verify your current allergy list by clicking “This information is correct.” If allergies need to be added, click “Add Allergies,” and type in the name of the allergen. Once accurate, click “This information is correct,” then Click Next.
    4. Verify your medication list. You can remove medications by clicking “Remove.” If you need to add medications, you can do so by clicking “Add Medication.” Once updated, click “This information is correct,” then click Submit.
    5. You will get a prompt saying, “Thanks for Using eCheck-In!” Click Close.
    6. When you arrive at your appointment, you will need to stop at the check-in desk but completing your eCheck-In ahead of time will speed up that process.

Paperless Billing

What is paperless billing?   
For mySaintLuke’s users who are the guarantor* of an account, the default is now set to paperless billing statements. This means you’ll receive billing statements in your mySaintLuke’s patient portal and no longer by mail.

What if I prefer to receive paper statements?   
Opting out of paperless billing and changing back to paper statements is simple. Within the Billing Summary, view in mySaintLuke’s, click on “cancel paperless billing” at the bottom of the screen.

How will I be notified I have a pending statement?   
You will be notified according to your communication preferences as indicated in your mySaintLuke’s profile. You may update your email and text message preferences at any time by clicking on “Communication Preferences” within the mySaintLuke’s menu.

What happens if I overlook a statement in mySaintLuke's and miss a due date?   
Saint Luke’s will contact patients for accounts with outstanding balances. Several attempts will be made to connect with you.

Will both hospital and physician bills be paperless?   
Yes, both hospital and physician bills will now be paperless.

Will I receive any paper bills from Saint Luke’s?   
There are certain services outside groups provide at Saint Luke’s facilities. You may continue to receive a paper bill for services provided by these outside groups.

Can someone assist me with accessing my paperless bill or opting out of paperless billing?   
Yes, call our helpline at 844-446-5479.

My children and/or parents have accounts, but I am responsible for their bills. How is this handled?   
If your child is under 18 and you are responsible for their account, you will receive the statement through mySaintLuke’s. Anyone 18 and older will receive billing statements in their patient portal, unless you are considered guarantor* or are the power of attorney for those accounts.

*Guarantor is the person responsible for paying the balance of an account.

Online Bill Pay

Which bills can I pay online?   
You may pay bills related to services at any Saint Luke’s hospital, clinic, and home care services.

What forms of online payment do you take?   
mySaintLuke’s accepts credit card payments. If you need to pay by check, please send the check to the address listed on the online statement.

Can I pay my child’s bill online?   
Yes. If you’re the guarantor on your child’s insurance, you will see your child’s bills in your mySaintLuke’s account. You will not need to set up proxy access to see your child’s bills. You may also use the Guest Pay feature to make a payment without creating an account.

Is online bill pay secure?   
Yes. We use the latest encryption technology to ensure the integrity and privacy of your information. As an added security precaution, we store all information on servers with firewalls that meet or exceed industry standards to prevent intruders from gaining access.

Although we make every reasonable effort to protect personal information and health-related information from loss, misuse, or alteration by third parties, there’s always some risk involved in transmitting information online.

General Information

Who do I contact for questions?   
Please call mySaintLuke’s Customer Service at 844-446-5479. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is mySaintLuke’s?   
mySaintLuke’s is a patient portal that offers secure online access to your medical record so patients can manage and receive information about their health. With mySaintLuke’s, you can:

  • Access virtual visits
  • Pre-register for your appointments with eCheck-in
  • View summaries from your hospital and clinic visits
  • Review test and lab results and radiology reports
  • Communicate with your providers
  • Schedule appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • Pay your bill

Which Saint Luke’s locations participate in mySaintLuke’s?   
You can access your information for any Saint Luke’s hospital or provider's office.

Is there a fee to use mySaintLuke’s?   
No. mySaintLuke’s is a free service for our patients.

When can I see my test results in mySaintLuke’s?   
Hospital test results will appear in your mySaintLuke’s account after you’re discharged. Clinic lab results are available 24 hours after the results have been reviewed by your provider. Please contact your provider’s office with questions.

Why aren’t certain test results shared via mySaintLuke’s?   
mySaintLuke’s complies with all local and federal laws that prohibit release of certain sensitive test results. For questions about test results, please contact your provider.

What should I do if my health information is incorrect?   
If you have questions about results or medical information in your mySaintLuke’s account, please use the messaging function to alert your provider. Or you may call your provider’s office directly.

You can update your demographic information (such as address, insurance, etc.), new health conditions, medications, and allergies through mySaintLuke’s. Your provider’s nurse will review your updates with you during your next office visit and then update your permanent medical record.

To correct information in your medical record you believe is incorrect, print the Instructions for Requesting an Amendment (PDF) form and submit to the Health Information Management Department at or the mailing address on the form.

Can I schedule appointments online with my provider?   
Yes. Most Saint Luke’s clinics offer appointment scheduling through mySaintLuke’s. If your specialist doesn’t offer online scheduling, you can send an appointment request through mySaintLuke’s. You must be an established patient with a provider to schedule or request appointments through mySaintLuke’s. You may have to call the office to schedule certain appointment types.

Text Messages

How do I sign up to receive texts from Saint Luke’s?

To sign up for important text messages including appointment reminders, billing updates, care management, and more, text START to 24758. Message and data rates may apply, and frequency may vary. To also receive texts with billing reminders, text START to 27356.

You can also update your communication preferences in your mySaintLuke’s account:

  • Selecting Communications Preferences from the main menu
  • Select text message for the types of communications you’d like to receive
  • Make sure the toggle button is selected to green for text message
  • Click the green Subscribe button to go to the Manage Text Subscriptions page
  • Confirm the mobile number displayed is correct, and then click the toggle button to green to turn on text messages for account, patient, and visit updates.

I accidentally opted out. What do I do?

You can opt in again by texting START to 27356 for appointment reminders and care management or START to 27356 for billing reminders. You can also change your communication preferences to subscribe to text messages again in mySaintLuke’s.

Why is the number I receive Saint Luke’s texts from changing?

If you have already been receiving text messages from Saint Luke’s, the number you’ve been receiving messages from will be changing so we can better serve your communication needs with expanded texting. You will receive billing notifications from 27356 and all other messages from 24758.

I do not want text message reminders for my appointments. How do I stop them?

Saint Luke’s patients can easily opt out of receiving text messages anytime by texting STOP to 24758 for appointment reminders and care management or 27356 for billing reminders. All text messages contain instructions on how to opt out.

You can also change your communication preferences at any time by logging in to your mySaintLuke’s account, selecting Communications Preferences from the main menu, and turning off the text message option.

Accessing mySaintLuke’s

How do I access mySaintLuke’s?   
You can access mySaintLuke’s from the convenience of your computer or the SaintLukesKC mobile app for iPhone or Android, or via the MyChart app from an iPad or tablet.

What should I do if I forget my password?   
You may contact mySaintLuke’s Customer Service at 844-446-5479, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may also reset your password online.

How do I update my personal information (home address, email) or change my password?   
Log in to mySaintLuke’s. From the top menu, go to the preferences section and select the appropriate option. Updating your demographics in mySaintLuke’s will automatically update the information in your patient record. You will be asked to verify the changes the next time you visit a Saint Luke’s facility or doctor.

Who can have a mySaintLuke’s account?   
Any Saint Luke’s patient 18 and older can create a mySaintLuke’s account. Please see the proxy access section for information about creating accounts for minor children.

Proxy Access

Proxy access is when a family member or caregiver can view a patient’s protected health information (PHI). Access must be authorized by the patient, and multiple people can be given access. 

A proxy is not the same thing as a guarantor. Both a proxy and a guarantor can pay a patient’s bill, but only a proxy gets access to their medical information. Proxies must be 18 years of age or older.

Adult-to-child: 0 11 years old 
Access to allergies, appointments, diagnostic tests, procedures, growth chart, immunizations, labs, medication list, prescription refills, message providers, problem list, billing information, and online payment

When the child turns 12, proxy access will automatically convert to teen proxy access and limited information will be available in the chart.

Adult-to-teen: 12 17 years old 
Limited access to online records: 

Patient privacy laws limit what records can be made available to a proxy of a child ages 12 – 17. The child must set up their own mySaintLuke’s patient portal account and share information with their parent/guardian. 

Proxy can access allergies, appointment information for some providers, immunizations, message providers, billing information, and online payment

Requests for adult-to-child (patient is age 0 – 11) or adult-to-teen (patient is age 12 – 17) access can be completed via mySaintLuke’s, in a Saint Luke’s clinic, by calling 816-880-6036, or by completing the request form:

Adult-to-adult: 18 years and older 
Access to allergies, appointments, diagnostic tests, procedures, immunizations, labs, medication list, prescription refills, message providers, problem list

Access to billing information and online payment

For adults with a mySaintLuke's account, proxy access can be requested and revoked.

For patients without a mySaintLuke's account, access can be granted in a Saint Luke's clinic, by calling 816-880-6036, or by completing the request form below.

Completed forms should be sent to Saint Luke’s Health Information Management at

Revoking proxy access  
For adults with a mySaintLuke's account, proxy access can be revoked within the portal under the "proxy access" menu.

For patients without a mySaintLuke's account, submit a request in writing with:

  • Your name, date of birth, address, and gender
  • Name of whom you wish to revoke proxy access to your mySaintLuke's patient portal

You can send this revocation via email at or mail at:

Saint Luke’s Health System  
Attn: Health Information Management  
901 E. 104th St.  
Kansas City, MO 64131

Security and Privacy

Is mySaintLuke’s secure?   
We take great care to keep your health information private and secure using the latest encryption technology. Access to information is controlled through secure activation codes, personal usernames, and passwords. Each person controls their password, and the account cannot be accessed without that password. Unlike conventional email, all mySaintLuke’s messaging is sent while you’re securely logged in.

What is your Privacy Policy?   
mySaintLuke’s is owned and operated by Saint Luke’s Health System and is fully compliant with federal and state privacy laws. We treat your name and email address with the same care and privacy as your health records, and we never sell or lease this information.

Why was I logged out of mySaintLuke’s?   
If your keyboard remains idle for 15 minutes or more during a session, you will be automatically logged out of mySaintLuke’s for security purposes. We recommend that you log out of your session if you need to leave your computer for even a short period of time.

What should I do if I notice unauthorized access to mySaintLuke’s account?   
You should immediately report the unauthorized access by contacting mySaintLuke’s Customer Service at 844-446-5479

How can I keep my password secure?   
As a registered mySaintLuke’s user, you’re required to establish a password. You’re solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your password.  We strongly encourage you to regularly change your password and to never use the same password for multiple websites. If you discover any unauthorized use of your account, immediately notify mySaintLuke’s Customer Service at 844-446-5479

Linked Apps and Devices

Can I import my medical information from mySaintLuke’s Patient Portal into other apps?

Yes. Saint Luke’s provides the ability for you to allow certain third-party applications (such as fitness/nutrition apps) to access and import your health information from mySaintLuke’s. Once you have logged in, select “Preferences” from the main menu and then “Linked Apps and Devices.” In the mobile app select the “Track My Health” icon.

Saint Luke’s Health System makes no representations or warranties as to the security of these third-party applications and is not responsible for any breach that may occur with a third-party application that may have been enabled.

How do I revoke access for linked apps and devices?

You may choose to turn off access to mySaintLuke’s at any time. Select “Preferences” from the main menu and then “Linked Apps and Devices,” or in the mobile app select the “Track My Health” icon and follow the instructions to remove access.