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FOX4: Patient Receives New Heart and is Given Second Chance at Life on Easter Weekend
After living with an enlarged heart for more than 15 years, it took Nate just 16 days to receive a new heart and it came just in time. Read his story.
KCTV: Boy saves mother's life after suffering brain aneurysm
A mother adopts two children but didn’t know she would soon call one of those boys her special hero. The quick thinking of her new son helped save her life after suffering an aneurysm.
KSHB: Tech restores hearing for Kansas City teen
Imagine living most of your life without hearing. One teen has done just that, but things are about to change. Watch her get her coclear implant turned on for the first time.
KCTV: Special procedure leaves man with Parkinson’s living more comfortable life

Shaking hands, shuffled steps and trouble starting and finishing movements are only a few of the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

Kansas City Star: ECMO helps save a young girls' life
ECMO is used for patients with life-threatening heart or lung disease or damage. It provides short-term support of the cardiac or pulmonary system when conventional management fails.
KCTV: Flowers donated to Saint Luke's Hospice House
Local florist brightens patients and families days by donates bouquets to Saint Luke's Hospice House. 
Newer Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Show Heart Protective Quality in Study
A newer class of type 2 diabetes drugs significantly cut the risk of death and hospitalization for heart failure compared with other medicines for the disease, according to data released on Sunday from a real world study sponsored by AstraZeneca.